MacOS - Minimum desktop effects

I’m moving from linux to mac for my main flame machine. I don’t care for the fancy desktop animations and I want as much speed as possible when moving around on the desktop, moving windows, etc.

I have checked “Reduce Motion” in the Accessibility Settings. Are there any other options to check for maximum speed vs. frilly frill?

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Here are some of my prefs on Mac:
Keyboard - Key Repeat Fast
Dock Settings - Minimize window using
Mission Control - When switching to an application, switch to a Space… (check) - I think you need this for Flame if you have multiple screens. I have it on all my systems.
You might consider turning hot corners off


All good stuff Sinan!

I’ve never known about this feature. How much of a difference do you think it makes to improve Flame’s performance?

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Make sure you don’t let spotlight index your framestore or any other drive that you depend on for maximum throughput.


Test it. $5 says it’s immeasurable. Ya take Venmo?

I think you are right. I just turned it off and I couldn’t feel or see a difference. Although jumping between spaces now it dissolves instead of slides.

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I definitely see some improvement when working over Teradici. When there’s lots of desktop ‘animation’ I see Teradici struggle to keep up. But then again Teradici struggles just to play back 23.98 HD for me anyway.