Making Socials while maintaining connected segments demo

On discord this morning there was a discussion about making socials with different repos but still maintaining connectivity in the segments. I made a short demo of one of the ways I might do that.


Nice one @ytf (Tim) I’ve not see/used that duplicate connected segments. In fact I have not been using connected segments but now with what @Jeff and @Josh_Laurence and now you showing me I will need to investigate.

I manage something similar using openClips. It is a bit of a dance same as you have shown but I will bookmark this ready for my next conform. Thanks

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This is great stuff! In watching this, I stumbled on your RepoMaster demo on your Vimeo channel and absolutely LOVE that, too! Fantastic.

Great demo. Thanks. The fact that this is so difficult is a good demonstration of why source connections and fx connections should be separable.