Right clicking with meta + left click in Centos 8?

In Centos 8 I cant do my usual meta + left click to act as a right click like it does in 7.x
Anyone have a solve? I can’t bring myself to actually use the right click button on a wacom pen…

fwiw, the meta button works for all other hotkeys so imagine its something to do with gnome?

You can try remapping the meta key or remap whatever is assigned to the meta key.

Not sure what keyboard you are using, but there is something called Gnome Tweaks – I think it should be installed if using the ADSK centos 8 iso (I don’t have my centos8 vm in front of me today so I can’t really check).

You can go into keyboard → layout options → win/alt key behavior and then try to re-map the Meta key.