Multi-Channel EXR Sequence Publish Supported?

Trying to figure out but don’t think it’s supported unless I’m missing something so I thought of asking here …
Is multi-channel EXR Sequence Publish supported the same way it works for File Export?
(mattes stacked on separate version tracks)

I would like to be able to publish an entire sequence with mattes for each shot without having to split them manually.

Flame 2023.3.2, Rocky


To add … when sequence publishing Multi Channel EXRs, Flame puts the main RGB channel in all additional channels and does not actually export each assigned channel.

When “Include Alpha” option is selected it only exports Alpha for the first RGB-A channel.

Hoping this is just user error.

This is OG file …

This is published sequence file …

Not currently supported.

It’s known:

FP-03203 Write File openclip multi-channel does not function predictably

But of course … thx.

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There are some workarounds but it’s non-trivial and fragile - happy to do a zoom and compare notes.

Let me know.

As for the future of this workflow - I have been told this is definitely on the radar, but most likely not within the scope of the current development sprint.

Thanks yo, appreciate it! In a bit of a crunch at the moment but will take you up on the offer in the future.

all good - beat that crunch

@Igor could you open a support ticket and provide your content so we can investigate the issue? I see many Multi-Channel Publish use cases working as expected, even with Multi-Channel Open Clip so I am curious to see your case. I will be away next week so might not be able to answer here but when I am back if your could have opened a support ticket with content that would be great.
What is needed:
-a screenshot of your sequence
-one shot of your EXR content (if you could provide a minimum of 2 frames that would be enough, we do not need the full content)
-a screenshot of your Sequence Publish preset (Video Options tab) + the XML preset.

BTW, I see you are running Flame 2023.3.2 but from what I see in Flame 2025, all is good on my side emulating your workflow. I get the right mattes in my published content, get the Open Clips and I am able to use the published content with all the channels. If you have access to Flame 2025, I would be curious to know if you are able to replicate the issue.

Let us know.

From what I understand from Igor’s issue, this is not the same issue. Unless by Sequence Publish he meant Batch Write File but if that was the case, we would be using the wrong vocabulary and the current discussion would become a mess :wink:

The referenced issue is about Add To Workspace from Batch Write File that does not produce the expected Open Clip when Multi-Channel content is generated while Open Clips options are enabled. The Sequence Publish Open Clips are fine and get get Mult-Channel / Multi-Version Open Clips in the Published workflow.

@Slabrie - thanks Stephane for the clarification.
You are correct, there is a subtle but important distinction.

Related but not submitted as bug - I can publish multi track timelines and the shots from those timelines appear as batch groups, which i can open, but if i select one of the multi-channel openclips in the batch, my flame crashes.

I tried it just now:

Here is the CER 770920085