New FSI HDR Monitor

The anticipated announcement of the new FSI monitor is out.

55" OLED with 2,000nits for $20K. Things are looking up.

when you order yours… throw in an extra one for me please

for anyone that wants the same panel without the flanders price tag or features.

Sony A95L

I mean you could buy like 5 of them and still be cheaper, how cool would a 4x 65" wall of QD-OLeds look like , they also make a 77"

I have the A95K from last year and its pretty darn amazing, beats the C1/C2 by a long shot.

I also think that the “mastering” part on their website is kinda over the top - it can only do 250NIT full screen.
You wouldnt buy this as a mastering display for HDR vs soending a bit more and getting a eizo duallayer LCD… , its a pretty amazing big client TV though.

Like its not bad, but I would have hoped flanders would have been able to extract a bit more performance/lumiance , seems pretty similar to the performance of the A95L from what I see.

Should still be better than the X300? (couldnt find x300 ABL numbers)

~2,000cd/m2 @ L20
~1,300cd/m2 @ L32
~650cd/m2 @ L50
~400cd/m2 @ L70
~250cd/m2 @ Full Screen

Here’s a bit more background from the folks at Mixing Light: FSI Announces Industry-First Quantum Dot OLED Display