No Back Clip in BatchFX

Is there some logic to whether or not Back Clip shows up in the I/O bin Batch FX or not? Or some way to make it show up?

I’ve never figured out why it is sometimes not available but I really need it to work right now for these titles.

I’ve only known Back Clip to show up when doing a Gap BFX. Otherwise the bg is the clip the BFX is applied to, and is named as such.

Sometimes back clip will come in black, and you need to drag another back clip up, which normally fixes it.

Nah, it’s working with the 16x9 version of the titles but not the 4x5, so I’m wondering if it’s some sort of ratio thing?

Ah but it’s not there, there’s just a little blank spot in the I/O bin.

Oh. That is weird. If you’re in a Gap BFX.

Ok, I just did Selection as Flowgraph and that works in the other ratios. I still don’t get it.

Did you start with a 16x9 then copy it to the 4x5?

Nope, just added a fresh BFX to the graphic. I’m sure there is some fascinating esoteric reason it works in one but not the other but I doubt I’m coming up with it.

I feel like doing Selection as Flowgraph making it work is some sort of a hint but dunno.

Checking Selection As Clip makes it work too and I don’t even know what that one means.

Edit: Oh i see that’s the same thing as Flowgraph but it makes a group of the flowgraph.

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