Old Wacom Intuos5 Tablet (PTH450) (around 2012)

Hey Hive!
I have an old Wacom Intuos5 Touch Small Pen Tablet (PTH450) (small). I also just purchased a new 14" MBP M1 (Ventura 13.1). I want to use said old tablet on my new machine. I made an attempt last week and never got it to work. I’d appreciate any tips, links to appropriate drivers, etc. to get this puppy working. I can’t think of a better place for advice. (BTW, I used this tablet on my old (2013) MBP 15" with not a problem)
Thanks in advance!

Hi Jake,

Wacom stopped supporting their older tablets on the newer versions of macOS. You need to read the tablet/driver list on the Wacom site to see what is supported on Ventura.

On Linux and windows, the tablets should still work.


Just to throw a spanner in the works here. I’ve just plugged in my Intuous5 tablet into my MacStudio running Ventura and it’s working.

This is the driver I am using. Not sure if it’s the latest but it works.

You may get it working if you use this version of the driver.

Click on the “Older versions” on this page


Yeah, there’s an updated version of the “old” driver for M1. If you go Wacom’s download page and put in the appropriate info, it will direct you to the correct download