RGS hates the F15 key?

Anybody know where I can tell RGS to shove its F15/Pause key? The F15/Pause key in Big Sur using the Receiver is disconnecting my network connection.

I’m no help, but if you find a solution I’d love to know what it is.

Same deal for you?

I am not currently on RGS, just guessing I may have the same issue at some point and posting so if you find a solution you will share it.

I’m a remora here. Haha.

Any update on this?

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With teradici under mojave I ended up disabling all mac keyboards shortcuts except shift+cmd+3 and 4 for screengrabs so that F keys don’t trigger any mac stuff. Would that help with RGS too?
Side note … on the linux remote side the ‘xev’ utility (type ‘xev’ and hit ‘enter’ in a terminal, then press keys on your keyboard) is quite useful to see what the linux box ‘sees’ when hitting keys on the mac.


Not that I’m aware sir @KuleshovEffect might be able to try it next week. :slight_smile:
I’ve been on teradici gigs since.

Is RGS “HP Z-boost?”

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I’m on one of those today. I’ll hit f-15 and report back.

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Save first.

It worked fine.

But this is through a linux virtual machine, not direct off the Mac, which may be the issue, and like so many of these types of issues is likely because a) Mac software is almost always a port of Windows software, and b) no one designs any of this software with Flame in mind.

I also, a few weeks ago, found Teradici software to work better off a Windows box than it did off my Mac. I may have been tipped of by @randy.

An HP employee confirmed that F15 does not work when using ZCentral to go from Mac to Linux:


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