Who wants Batch Paint to default Consolidate **OFF**

Hi everyone… I’d like to make an effort to get the default choice for Batch Paint to be Consolidate OFF.

In my opinion Consolidate provides no benefit at all. The first thing we do when using Batch Paint is turn Consolidate off. Drag doesn’t work properly with Consolidate on. Even worse, if you turn it off, the next Flame session or time you load that setup, it will automatically get turned back on. So how about it… submit your vote, and maybe ADSK will listen.

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  • On by Default

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Yes. Or at the very least, if I’ve turned it off, for it stay off when I leave and come back to it.

I frequently work with it on. There is a benefit. I would take this conversation a level higher and say “who wants batch paint to have a user-created default (like action) that includes the 10(?) presets?”


Do we not turn it off because it is buggy? The Logik behind having it on seems sound right?

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I would be interested in hearing what peoples’ understand of Consolidate is, so we are all on the same page.

I find it behaves differently on certain functions like drag. Better when it’s off, seems constrained when on

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Fair. If it didn’t screw up the drag function, I wouldn’t even think about.


Correct, Drag does not work properly with Consolidate On.


Agreed, but unfortunately it doesn’t and Drag is a big part of what we do, so we are always having to remember to turn it off.


I have to admit that the drag function is invaluable.

A big part of what we do is a drag.

Truer words have never been spoken.


Anything that is broken and produces inconsistent/corrupt results should be switched off by default.

Maybe it should be removed or marked as beta until a solve can be found.

There is no problem with consolidate. Think of it as the difference between shape and individual channels for vertices in a gmask. It does not really work well with drag and smear because it does not update the result with each stroke. It works fine with the other modes such as colour, clone, rec clone, etc. I use paint extensively and I have never had a corruption that I couldn’t trace to human error. Usually due to not paying attention to the sequence/to/from/current/range button. The only paint corruption I have had since v2016 is a bad paint brush that was fixed on a full reboot.

It is obviously an issue that every time you return to the paint node it has reset itself to “consolidate.” That needs to be fixed. But the issue of the default should be addressed in a much broader fashion. Like I said in an earlier post, we should be able to set our own defaults


What does consolidate do? I can’t remember.


For the record, that’s a short-sighted statement. I think we are all in agreement that consolidate does not work for drag and smear and having consolidate reset to ON whenever you return to the paint node needs to be fixed so that it remains where we left it like nearly every other parameter in Flame. Also it should be remembered in saved brush sets. But for everything else it works fine and has benefits. It is WAY easier to change certain parameters (like maybe the offset of 100 rec clone strokes) or delete and redo a large group of strokes (sometimes I hate what i did on a single frame, I can easily toss it and do it again) and in certain cases it renders faster if the strokes are done with consolidate. I might use drag a lot, but I also use rec clone, clone, colour, replace and erase a lot and all of those are much easier to deal with using consolidate.

For some reason everyone thinks consolidate corrupts their paint node. This was probably true in the early release, but as I said earlier in this thread I have not experienced that and paint is my second most used node after action. My OFOW had hundreds, maybe even thousands of paint nodes without a single issue.

Everyone’s issues could be solved if we could set our own defaults. Advocating for something to change is because you don’t like working that way for whatever reason, is counter productive.


Your experience is the same as mine. I use paint very frequently, and have yet to have any issues with it with consolidate left on.

Not if near 100% of the users also agree with change. But yes, fixing the button reset issue might solve it.

But near 100% of you are agreeing to a quick fix when the problem could be solved with a more useful feature which I’m astounded we don’t have. We all agree that there is an issue with it staying on, not being saved in brush sets, etc. I think of that as a bug that needs fixing. But simply calling it a useless, wretched button and saying it should always be left off, or why do we even have it is short-sighted. It has a use and some of us use it. A lot.


Do you never use Drag?

Yep…given the history of not getting proper fixes, I’d prefer a quick one.