PCoIP won't allow clicking the Desktop GUI on Rocky

We have plans to test Moonlight as a Remote Desktop solution sometime within the next couple of months but if anyone is a bit more eager or has already tested…

Think of it as a Parsec alternative for Linux. I believe there is pen sensitivity for Wacom but is something that would definitely need to be checked out.

according to this issue Wacom is not supported.

VirtualHere might work fine for that though.

@ALan Exactly what we were going to try. Covered in the Moonlight FAQ but not directly in relation to Wacom.

It also relies on NVIDIA Gamestream so is only a solution for serving a Linux Flame I’m guessing.

The infamous “no clicks on login” issue has been plaguing some of the sites I know for almost a year now, other sites never see it. Only sure way to “fix” it is for someone to ssh in and:

systemctl stop pcoip
systemctl start pcoip

and for the user to attempt to reconnect. Still happens in 23.08 (perhaps a bit less frequenrly), every time a new release happens I get an update to my ticket “OK, we’ve fixed it now”, “no you haven’t”, “can you send us logs?”

What’s tricky is that PCoIP itself seems to be working fine, mouse clicks are being sent to the X server, it just seems it’s the GNOME 3 session that doesn’t fully initialize.

A truly vexing problem…

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@panisset I’m glad to hear others are having the problem too, especially from other tech guys. Teradici constantly tells me its a “local site issue” and act like we are the only ones having the issue. I’ve requested ADSK add back KDE support but that was denied. I also requested MATE support which was “accepted” but of course that doesn’t really mean anything.

I recommend anyone having this issue contact the Product Manager for Teradici Client:

It is just amazing to me how bad Teradici is and yet there isn’t an alternative. If only Parsec would make a linux host.

@AdamArcher Please update the community with your Moonlight experiments.

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@ALan I definitely will share. We’re at least a couple of weeks away from testing due to workload but after that it is on the agenda.

I’ll echo Alan’s sentiment in that it is reassuring to hear others having this issue. Felt a bit like I was going crazy. We only have the one Linux machine and it’s the only machine using Teradici for production and even then it’s on an ad-hoc basis so having this one thing take up so much of my time has been draining.

Indeed, switching to KDE has fixed the issue for me. Unbelievably, in my original post I dismissed this very idea of trying a different DE! This could’ve all been over so quickly.

Thanks again everyone for you help.

Hello Bens

Im having the same issue, I Installed KDE but now PCoIP client is unable to connect to the flame machine, pcoip agent is running, any ideas?

everyone should be using at least Teradici 23.08.X if not 23.12beta.
The Gnome click issue is virtually gone.
I do not recommend installing KDE unless you want Flame Support to be able to wash their hands of your mess.

We are using 23.08 and we still have a lot of issues