Primatte OFX

So now that my keylight doesn’t work in 2023, I’ve been looking for alternatives and though I’d give primatte a go, but it doesn’t appear to be available for flame on linux anymore.
Anyone have any suggestions for alternative keyers?
The IBK is ok, but nowhere near as good as keylight.

I wish we could get Prinatte back. That was great. I’ve emailed them several times and no response. I asked Boris to bring Primatte OFX to aflame, but nothing too.

I thought they just launched it in silhouette? Recent logicLive ep. Available via OFX

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I just did a live chat with them, they said no availability on linux or for flame.
I really wish the Foundry would release keylight as a OFX.

Ah, sorry, I didn’t realise you said in silhouette, I only found it in continuum

As others have said, you can get Primatte in the new release of the Silhouette OFX. That along with the DAS Grain and ML grain removal tool, are great additions to Silhouette.

I’ve just registered for a trial, but it only gives me a mac OSX option, not linux.

Should be there