Recursive ops 2023.2

Still cant get it to work as it used to in 2023.2. Crumple Distortion and 2D transform fail with unknown pixel format issues…blur works fine though. Tried different bit depths, resolutions, plugging in a solid white in the alpha but still no joy. Anyone having the same issues and have another workaround to try?

Can you add some more details? What are you trying to achieve?

If I add a vanilila/default Recursive Ops node to a clip in Batch and hit play on the play bar it works. Are you saying that doesn’t work for you?

That’s Flame 2023.2 on M1 MBP.

Hey @randy. Does it still work when you enable the distortion or transform? I’m on a Linux box

stand by…

I get the same behavior you see on Rocky Linux / Flame 2023.2. On M1 Mac 2024 I do not see the behavior you are seeing. I do not see the behavior you see on Rocky Linux / Flame 2024.

Flame 2023.2 / Rocky Linux = broken
Flame 2023.2 / Mac = broken
Flame 2023.3 / Rocky and Mac = works
Flame 2024 / Rocky and Mac = works

I just opened a support case and CC’d your email Mikey.

I seem to remember hearing about this but I didnt see anything in the Release Notes for 2023.3 or 2024 about a known or fixed bug.

I know there was an issue recently (last 2-3 years) where it would not work correctly unless a matte was plugged in, so you had to give it a white card.

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Thanks so much @randy… much appreciated! Will update to 2024

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i was looking for a workaround , thx