Recursive ops not working in 2022.3

Hello hive, I’m having issues with recursive ops in flame 2022.3 having just upgraded from 2022.1 and just wondering if anyone else has encountered same problem and has a solution.

Just trying to do a standard Min/Darken and Max/Lighten on a UHD clip - Flame seems to not be updating frames on process, and instead flickering between the frame and grey. There definitely shouldn’t be a hardware issue here as things were working in previous install, only I’ve updated in order to read an archive from latest version. Also I’ve checked flame setup and both versions are set to same GPU usage etc.

Update: will work on HD, and I’ve just established that it will work with crumple distortion turned on (and for my purposes here all settings turned down to 0)

I ran into the same issue and found the solution to be pipping a white frame into the matte input. It didn’t used to work like this so arguably it’s a bug.


Thanks Kyle, that’s good to know as another workaround. I spent more time than I would have liked fiddling with this earlier, trying different source drives (in case my server and framestore were up the wazoo), pre-rendering, running through resize nodes etc…. Definitely a new gremlin in the code!

Oh man, I hadn’t used RecOps in awhile, till just recently in 2022.3, and couldn’t figure out why it was’t working. Had to hack another solution.

I had the same issue.

What is the protocol for bug reports? I used to report them all in the beta forum, but that wasn’t what the devs wanted. My complaint then, as now, is other avenues aren’t clear.

Thanks for this Kyle, I thought I was going mad / missing something obvious. Legend!

You can access the bug reporting page directly from the application

  1. Flame Menu (at the bottom right of the screen)
  2. Help Submenu
  3. Flame Support

That will open this page in a web browser

No need to report this issue though. We already have it in our database. The problem only occurs when the clip connected to the Recursive Ops node doesn’t have the same resolution as the project. As mentioned, the workaround is to connect sources of the same resolution to the Front and Matte inputs.


This has been fixed in 2023.1 Update


Boom! Thanks @fredwarren