Remove black borders from portrait shots


would like to remove black borders from portrait shots (added during scanning the slides)

  • the AR (0.6667) and resolution (3072 x 2048) should not be changed
  • the first shot in the Reel where the cropped shot is rendered to is AR 0.6667

Since this does work with landscape shots (AR 1.5) (Tools → Resize → (x) Letterbox ), I am wondering why it does not work with portrait shots (AR 0.6667)
Tried the options (in Tools → Resize): Fill, Crop Edges, Letterbox, Centre/crop

Any ideas what am I doing wrong?

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I guess since the scans already have that border you have to tell Resize where the new boundary is in order to work.

Hmm… is green the “crop box” not the tool to crop the unneeded regions?