Resolve issue

Bit of an odd one here.
We are working through a bunch of green screen car shots, which are being output with attached alphas.
All good so far, all tech checked on various softwares and platforms.
However the clients are grading on resolve and the shots look like there is no bgd, we think we have narrowed this down to the latest macs with M chips.
I wondered if anyone else has seen this?

There were a few issues with one version of Resolve in which the fix was to set it render on a single processor (I’m quoting from memory what the colour guy told me). Not sure if it’s related to your issue.

resolve automatically premults the image if there is a alpha channel present.

so when you have done a comp its best practice to kill/remove the alpha channel.

otherwise in resolve just right click the files in die mediahub and set alpha to “ignore”.

The problem is the clients want embedded alphas.
It still doesn’t explain why this was only evident on newer, M chip macs.

Its not M1 related? this is just a default behaviour of resolve when you have alphas, just need to set them to ingnore and done?

But how come it only shows up here on more recent macs?

different default settings if you can somehow override them ? dont know this has been a thing forever in resolve. I see the same on windows, intel macs, everything everytime i get a render from comp with alpha