Rolling Bars and Bands due to lights

So ive been given some footage where i can see rolling bars in certain areas of the shots. I presumes its to do with the lights and camera frequency?

Anybody had to fix these before?

Yup! Its surprisingly painful. There are a few cheap plugins out there that appear to work. I haven’t used any of them. Like this… Fixing Flickering Rolling Bands Caused by Camera and Light Sync Problems - YouTube

But yes, its due to a mismatch in the frequency of the lights and the shutter.

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Best tool I ever use for such a problem

Also you can try this (supported in Flame)

Resolve Studio version also has a tool for fixing light frequency mismatch, but not as good as two others

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Doesn’t Neat have some tools for this?

I think it does have some flicker options. I was waiting for a flicker fix job to come along so that I could have a play.

That program can’t get any better can it?

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I’m waiting for them to add a 3D tracker.

v4 didn`t help most of a time. Never tried v5 though.

They did a neat LOGIK live and talked about some deflicker.

Pretty sure it was v5

Neat introduced Local and Frame deflicker in v5. We use it every day. Like anything there are cases where it doesn’t nail it, but I generally get great results, including on rolling shutter / RF interference -type issues.

If it’s only in certain areas, it’s worth considering hitting it harder and keying only into those areas (eg shadows).

Flicker-Fixer from Boris might help
and sapphire:

Sorry i’m being THAT guy, but having had plenty of these issues lately and having tried almost every plugin and matchbox available, I found that the deflicker tool in resolve was the best.

Nothing wrong with saying that in the slightest @vkastrup

I am running my TW through Resolve tomorrow because I know it will give me better results that Flame will.

I still haven’t got ML TW installed.