Rolling out handles with python

Heja pythoneers:
There isn’t any way to edit head / tail / handles / source_in or anything alike on segments, right? Do we have any options right now to manipulate these attributes? Is there an existing feature request anyone knows about?

Would love to bulk roll out the handles on a bunch of matched out clips. I need to do that quite often these days in order to conform cutdowns/additional edits to matched out, connected segments. We conform the main versions with 25 frames handles which usually is enough for any follow-up edits. But in order to use these handles for the conform you have to manually extend each clip which is super annoying.
I know that - in theory - we can also update the sources sequence. But that’s fairly error prone in my experience and opens another can of worms.


I’m under the impression that a segment’s handles has nothing to do with the ability for an EDL or XML to point at it and see it as containing time code.

Thats exactly what I do. Problem is that some clips in the additional edits usually need to access the handles from the matched out clips. And in order to get them I need to manually trim them out.

And unfortunately the segments handles do have to do with the ability to conform on it. You can easily test it:

  • Match out a clip
  • Duplicate source
  • trim it down
  • unlink in the original sequence and try to conform on the reel with the matched out (trimmed down) clip

Won’t work

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Ah. You must have Preserve Handles enabled in the Segment Match menu. If your Match Menu looks like this then when you match out a shot, it matches out the entire source length, which means you can conform from it.


Thats it… classical RTFM I guess. Although I must say that the naming is somewhat confusing.
It would still be good though, if it was possible to modify the above mentioned values via python scripting.

Anyway … for this issue it works like a charm
Thanks randy