Save Backup on Exit - setup could not be written

I’m currently on a new mac workstation in the facility and i am working on a project that is hosted on a different computer. when stepping into a bfx I can adjust the setup, but when i exit I get a warning "The “Save Backup on Exit” preference is enabled, but the setup could not be written in hosts/computer IP/opt/Autodesk… etc. When I step out and try to get back in I get an error saying the setup was lost - Any thoughts? - both computers are macs and running Flame 2023.3.

You could turn the preference off and manually save before you exit.

Sorry I should have mentioned - it won’t let me manually save either

Did you try saving to a local folder?

I suppose I could. Just wondering why this is broken on this new computer when I have had no issues with this workflow with the other computers in the facility.

It sounds like a permissions issue.

Yeah it seems to be. I’m just at a loss for how to fix it. All the permissions that I can think to check are good

I would save locally until someone who is more familiar with networking macs than me chimes in.

But the issue may be with the host machine, not the one you are sitting at.

but thats whats driving me crazy because I have done this several times with the same host computer on a different system and had no issues. It’s just this new mac that we’ve set up that seems to be the odd duck

Perhaps the host only allows saving from certain IP addresses. Again, beyond my comfort zone, but my gut tells me it’s on the host end.

I’m thinking the permissions issues are a result of the new mac being on Sonoma vs the host computer being on Ventura. Will investigate further tomorrow morning.