Screen exposure

I’m working on some dark shots so have increased the exposure setting on the monitor, however I’m finding it quite frustrating that there doesn’t appear to be any way to lock this setting throughout all the modules and am having to constantly increase it.
Is there a setting to do this anywhere?

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Preferences > Colour Management > Diagnostics

You can set whatever you want there and call them via the shortcut. Works throughout the application.


That takes the guesswork out of it, but I would still like a global setting

It is global…unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re wanting. Once you trigger one of the diagnostic modes then it stays on until you turn it off. Your can set them up to be whatever you want, so those values are all changeable.

For example, I set Ctrl-Shift-2 to have a gamma of 2.0 and use it all the time.

EDIT: Oooooh…you mean if you set it via the viewer for it to stick. Fair enough. Until that is implemented this will help for sure.

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yes, I want this setting to be on every image I look at in every module

Have you considered making an old school viewer LUT that exposes up?

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Can you adjust the monitor itself?

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