Slow GUI and thumbnail generation

Flame suddenly starts really slowing down Gui interaction and thumbnail generation in the library and desktop primarily. Rendering is fine (fast) and playback is fine.
Anyone else experienced this? Almost feels like a RAM issue but 128GB Apple RAM and everything else on the machine is blisteringly fast.
Flame 2020.1.3 running on 2020 iMac Pro OSX10.15 128GB RAM RPV2 16GB.
Cheers, Angus

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Seems like a couple issues…

GUI interaction could be running out of VRAM and the thumbnail generation or library slowdowns maybe be due to a lot of iterations or desktops in your library.

One thing that can eat up VRAM is browser and desktop apps like Slack, Zoom, Spotify, etc. A lot of apps seem to use some kind of GPU optimization now.

Try a reboot and see if it gets faster…if it is, then it’s probably something like your VRAM getting gobbled up over time.

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Thanks Danny.

This sounds about right. I’ve had all sorts of browsers, download software, comms, compressor, file sync etc. running as well as flame. It does definitely get worse over time too!
I’m testing today, not running anything apart from file sync and flame and also switched my monitor resolution back to default to see if that helps. So far, so good.

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Find a tool that monitors cpu, ram and gpu consumption. I like iStat Pro. No affiliation.

Sooo easy to see what’s doing what and allows easy troubleshooting.

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