Splashtop Remote - Mac to Mac - No Audio

I’m trying to use Splashtop for remote Flame, but the audio is not working from Flame. I can hear the audio from YouTube via Chrome or a QT from the streaming mac, but not the Flame audio output.
Has anyone encountered this before?


I have run in to this, as well.

In the client side settings, go to preferences/settings/Audio.

Make sure you have it set for “Output sound to both” and install the sound driver on the client side computer.

Reboot and it should work.

I set the audio output in flame preferences to Splashtop Remote Sound and that fixed this issue.

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How have you found Splashtop for latency, video quality and Wacom support?

Connecting from a Mac or Windows client to a Mac funning flame, it works well.
The wacom tablet and hot keys work. Latency wise, it’s fine to work with but obviously not as responsive as working locally. 7 out of 10.
I got the audio to play, but its clearly not synced.
I tried to connect to my Linux workstation from a Mac and it locked up the stream. That machine is currently running Centos 7.6.
Will try again after changing the OS to Rocky.

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Thanks for sharing this. Splashtop is definitely on my list of remote solutions to try

I have had success with using Splastop from a windoze laptop to Linux Flame. Was a better local key layout than my MacBookPro.

I was using splashtop until I found parsec, I think parsec is the closest thing to feel like working locally. It is really fast, this is like the embergen of the remote apps


I’d totally be using Parsec if they supported a Linux host.