SynthEyes Export script

For anyone interested/trying to use this script on Apple Silicon there’s a little work around that has to be done to get it to work. Currently SynthEyes will immediately crash when being launched from Flame due to a conflict between Flame running on Rosetta and SynthEyes not. Running these commands in the Mac terminal provied by Russ Andersson will allow it to work properly:

cd /Applications/SynthEyes/
lipo -remove x86_64 SynthEyes -output SynthEyes_stripped
mv SynthEyes SynthEyes_original
mv SynthEyes_stripped SynthEyes

Some commands may need to be run as sudo. This only needs to be done once.




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This is relevant to my interests, however, JPG sequences do not have timecode so the INCREDIBLY handy new Syntheyes feature where it slips your track when you change to a different shot timing probably won’t work as well.

One of several reasons I’ve started sending PIZ EXRs to Syntheyes.

Now, if the script had an option for file type…


I may be mistaken but I was under the impression that Syntheyes did have a manual slip feature? But you are speaking of a more magical one based on clip metadata aren’t ya?

I am indeed.

Wondering out loud if timecode as file name would work for this……

Just saw this from Syntheyes developer Russ:

Starting SynthEyes from Flame Python on Apple Macs

TLDR, if you’re running flame on Apple Silicon and try to launch Syntheyes via python, it will crash unless you delete the 64bit version of Syntheyes.

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Just dropped a new updated version on the Portal with the ability to select a export preset. I also added the ability to export to SynthEyes from a clip in batch.


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Thank you Mike V!!!

Excellent! Thank you!

Amazing MikeV thank you!

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