Tailscale on boot for Mac procedure

For those who partake in Tailscale as a Wireguard or OpenVPN alternative and want to use Tailscale to allow users to HP Anywhere from Software Client to Mac Graphics Agent directly, here is what I found works well.

Tailscale is amazing, but on the Mac side of things is limited with the Tailscale.app distributed in the App Store and from the website as it doesn’t allow the Tailscale service to start before login. So, if you wanna HP Anywhere into users, it’s kinda not possible.

The open source Tailscaled, however, can be installed CLI style and does in fact launch on boot, not login. Yay! Here is what I did to get this working…

Afterwards, it’s not exactly explicitly stated, but you do need to:

~/go/bin/tailscale up 

This takes you to a link to authenticate into your Tailnet and boom, Fran’s your Nan.