Teradici, Linux, Meta Key

I know there are a few threads about keyboard keys through teradici. I did the steps for the function keys - F1, F2, etc. but I still don’t get Meta Key (Windows Key, Command Key) to pass through to the linux system. Anyone got this working?

Also my remote client is Windows.

Some of the discussion I have seen regarding Meta key not working was about the OS using meta for another operation but since this is a Teradici question I assume that it works for you when you are physically in front of the machine but not when remote @bryanb ?

Does your Teradici have an option Connection - USB Devices? If so, you select Show Human Interface Devices, then click connect next to your keyboard. That has helped me with some shortcuts.

Try system pref on the linux box, go to window behaviour, window behaviour again, window action tab then there is a modifer key dropdown. Change that from alt to meta.

Hope this helps.

if you are on a mac this wont appear. on a windows box with teradici it will. Literally had this problem two days ago, luckily I had a NUC lying about!

@glennteel Yes - it does work correctly at the system without teradici.

@Epoulson This setting was already set to ‘meta’. I tried it with ‘alt’ and that didn’t change anything.

The weird thing is… If I go into Flame Keyboard Shortcuts and try to create a shortcut with the meta key, it registers the meta key press and will create the shortcut. But then trying to use any meta shortcut doesn’t execute.

Rather late on this, but in case this is still an issue:

If you are using the meta key as a modifier (i.e. pressed in combo with another key for a shortcut) then PCoIP does not support this if the keyboard is locally terminated (and spacebar + key won’t work for the same reason). As @glennteel said, you should ‘bridge’ the device with his instructions to overcome this. The only drawback is lower performance under high-latency scenarios.

But then as @Epoulson said, this won’t work on MacOS X! Yeah, this stopped in Big Sur onwards, due to changes in MacOS X, and Teradici do state this, though – you know – rather quietly.


Ok I’m sticking with Catalina for a while. Don’t want to lose that functionality. Too bad that happened.

Totally. If you want a software client that supports USB device bridging but don’t want to pay for Windows then Ubuntu 20.04 on an i5-based NUC is your boy.

I haven’t been able to get the Meta key to work but I found a bit of a work-around.

Using a StreamDeck - If I send a hotkey with Meta+whatever it goes through as expected. So now I just have to program all my Meta+ hotkeys to the StreamDeck!

Not the perfect solution but there’s just a few things I need to have with Meta.

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