That Calculator

This has been driving me mad the last few weeks, and I’m either missing a preference or doing something wrong.

I have that @!*% calculator pop up way too much when I don’t want it. And I can’t figure out the pattern.

No doubt the calculator is handy when you’re on a wacom and don’t want to put the pen down to enter a value. Cool. But there is a ton of keyboard shortcuts that are a combination of keyboard and click for numeric fields that are super useful when working with keyframes.

K+Click to set keyframe, Del+Click to delete keyframe, Ctrl-Opt+Click to reset channel to default value, and the list goes on. Use them all day long.

Problem I’m having is that 50% of the time when I click in the field, instead of the keyboard short cut working, the @!*% calculator pops up instead and nothing happens. Then I have to right-mouse click to get the menu to access the function that way.

And it’s not consistent. Sometimes it works and sometimes the calculator pops up. I assume it has something to do with the keyboard event timing relative to the click. Since you’re pressing the keyboard button while you get ready to click, the keyboard will send a steady stream of keypress-down events to the Flame UI.

From a programming perspective, this seems to be an illogical design. You launch the calculator with clicking the field. And you define keyboard shortcuts that require a click into the field. That’s an ambiguous definition. You would have to check that you got a keypress-down event in some arbitrary time interval and no keypress-up to clear the status to separate a click from a keyboard + click input. Whatever the logic is, it doesn’t seem to be working.

I checked the preferences and there’s no setting that seems to influence how the calculator is being trigged. All I can choose where the calculator is relative to the numeric field.

I’ve had a defect open about for a few weeks, but not getting much traction. Maybe someone here has any ideas? I mean if you could set the calcutor to require a double click to pop-up, so it’s not ambiguous to the other keyboard shortcuts? At present, I’d be happy with a preference to nuke the calculator entirely for the price of having to use the Numpad instead.

BTW - happens with mouse or pen equally. Primarily on a Mac, don’t remember top of mind if it happens on my Linux Flame too.

OK, writing this up here, has lead me down the right path finally. Leaving it here in case it saves somebody else some hairs.

It has indeed something to do with the keypress timing. On a Mac, under Accessibility, Keyboard options, you can change the Key Repeat Rate and the Delay Until Repeat. Slowing they keyboard down solves the problem. Of course at the cost that your cursor keys become super sluggish, so not sure this is a long-term fix. But with a slower keyboard, I don’t get any more unwanted Calculator popus.

Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 7.30.16 PM