Uncached import library taking up 12K frames

Hey Folks,
I have a library that I use only for importing. I did not cache the footage, and in the media panel it’s clearly marked Uncached. Why does that Library take up 12k 4k frames on the framestore under volume statistics? What am I missing?

Import only. Color is tag only.

In TYOOL 2020, volume statistics still don’t differentiate cached vs uncached frames. There’s still no perfect way to see how much framestore space a job is actually using.

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I finally figured this out. I imported footage with cache on. I added that footage to several batches. When I returned to my import library and turned off cache for that footage, it kept the cached version in the batches. I had to manually replace the footage in each batch that had the old cached footage. Suddenly several TB were available.
I had assumed that the cache state of those clips was controlled at the source. No luck. Bizarrely you can’t right-click on the footage that’s in your batch, and make it uncached. I smell a feature request.
Thanks for all of the input!

I’ll give that a shot. Thanks!