What is flare waiting for to export?

I’m trying to export some files, but flare just is just waiting. For what, I can only guess. If anybody has a suggestion to get flare on a Mac to actually output the files when you export them, I’m all ears.
Get your shit together Autodesk!

Service monitor says everything’s fine…

Found where they moved the ‘foreground’ button this year. Work around working. Why does the default take you into a buggy nightmare?

Take a look at your Backburner Web Monitor @SamE

I don’t know what good it will do. It could only be like rubbing batteries but I like to flush any stagnant actions.

Foreground is certainly a good solution.

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Some time it happens,
i got it working checking the following:

  • service monitor (should be green)
  • check if the backburner web monitor you heve process waiting, if so delete them.
  • in flame → preference under tab “backburner” set to localhost or the name of the machine who host the progect you’re working on
  • in flame → preference, under tab “Storage” restart your local gateway

Try to export again.
Exporting in foreground always worked for me if are in a rush .