What is that!

Some weird pattern shown in this raw footage, what is that?

You mean that strange grid pattern?

Looks like something you used to see on Genisis material. The grain would form a grid when resizing and not filtering properly.

This is full res? Might be a debayering quality issue or check for any resizing.

Yes this is full res 4k DCP Raw from F55 capture with AXS-R5 recorder

I never saw that before, the footage is really noisy

Are you doing the processing or is someone else? I haven’t dealt with this camera myself but I would check what the debayering quality has been set to.

debayering is setting to full, something happened in the set i dont what it is

Just confirming full res? High quality?

Not full res but half or low quality?

Like I said I haven’t used this particular camera.

yes Full and High Quality

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I guess now the question is not what is that but how do I fix that!
Is it on every shot?


I saw something like this on Arri footage years ago—they had set the sensor to some high iso value and it created a noise pattern that behaved like a grid.

Try running it through Neat Video.

Davinci Resolve has two types of Sony RAW debyer “Full res - Resolve” and “Full res - Sony”. If you have access to Resolve you could try it. May help.