Yellow line on bfx?

i just started getting a yellow line when rendering bfx and gapfx’s and it’s slow/sluggish. anyone know what this is?
i know unrendered is a white line, partially rendered is dotted, and rendered is grey. i’ve never seen yellow?

(linux 2021.2.2)

Proxy rendered . . .
We were just chatting about it on discord. Join up for the fun.

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who told it to proxy render… lame ass computer. i kinda thought it was that… didn’t know that was an option. THANKS YTFFFFF!!!

I believe the request was made by some guy named Jason, whoever that is.

that guy sucks. :wink:

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Some guy named Tim is always fucking me over . . .


Hi Jason,

You might have got a bit too enthusiastic with the Render button :wink:

That pull-down menu is filled with wonderful treats :smiley:


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i use a hotkey to render selections… but i know computers NEVER act weird… lol. :wink: