2023.1 Linux micro freezes — still?

It’s really weird… I’ve tried to nail it down. Just did a project, smaller one. No freezes. Also working on bigger project (same 2023.1 version) … too many freezes. I’ve been suspecting gmasks for a while as it -feels- like as soon as I start adding many things start to happen…

Sometimes, running strace on flame prevents the freezing…

strace? Can you tell me more please?

I also have been on a new and smaller project, and no freezes. Switch back to an older and bigger project, constant freezes to the point that it’s not a very viable tool to work with.

2022.3.1 Centos


Strace is a Linux troubleshooting command.

Although running the command may prevent some issues from occurring, running Flame with strace running is not recommended as it will affect the overall performance.

In a nutshell, running strace slows down everything as each command made by the application to the operating system is recorded and printed in the shell. This slowdown may prevent some issues from happening.


Thanks Yann. Yeah I don’t think I’ll be adding anything to the mix to even further slow it down. Sure hope Rocky saves the day after install next week.

Seeing quite some of these in dmesg: [83781.157540] RT Watchdog Timeout: flame[93198] not sure if that has remotely anything to do with it… haha