Action "Use Back" Color Managment question

Starting a long form project, and I am seeing an issue with repos on the time line from the editor.
Total luddite when it come to color management, so this is probably an easy fix.
Project is setup as ACES 1.1. Clips are tagged ACES2065-1. On the timeline clips that come in with Action applied have the “Use Back” button clicked on. This results in the clip displaying as ACEScg, which is visually different than ACES2065-1. When I deselect “Use Back” the clip reverts to ACES2065-1.
Not sure why this is, but as I have very little XP points playing with color management, I am sure there is a very good reason. Is there a way to normalize this so I always see the 2065-1 view even with Use Back on?
Thanks for any help here.

Hmm…the only thing I can think of right now is to check for a mismatch…in 2 places…

  1. What is your Flame / Preferences / Colour Management / Action / Action Colour Space set to?

  2. Within your Action Soft Effect, is the Action Setup somehow picking up a colorspace setting from editorial? Check Action Soft Effect / Setup / Rendering.

So I can’t match the behavior your seeing when I import an 2065-1 clip and do what you do but, perhaps its because Im not picking up something from your editorial / XML / AAF. Likely the culprit is within the Action soft effect.

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What version are you on? If it’s the latest we’ve seen this behavior as well, definitely a bug. Action isn’t seeing the tagged colorspace of the incoming clip. Very frustrating…

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This is the behaviour of having a sequence in one colourspace and the clip in another. What is the CS of the gaps in between the clips?

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Try adding a gap layer below your segments, select gap layer, change the gap colour spaces to ACES2065-1, then delete the gap layer.

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When creating an empty sequence, no colour space is assigned by default.

There are a few different approaches depending on how you like to work.

  • If you have an empty sequence and you edit a shot into the sequence, the sequence automatically takes on the colour space of the first clip. This includes the gaps as well.
  • When you conform a sequence, the first frame should dictate the colour space for the sequence.

If for whatever reasons, your gaps as still giving you a colour space you don’t want, you can right-click on your sequence clip and choose SET SEQUENCE GAP COLOUR SPACE and set the colour space to whatever you need for the gap segments.

That’s my understanding and I hope it helps!



Thanks for all the responses. It was the sequence gaps.


One would think that when creating a sequence, one could establish the CS of the gaps.