Flame Feedback requests implemented in Flame 2025

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the list of requests submitted at flamefeedback.autodesk.com that have been implemented in the Flame 2025. Thanks to everyone taking the time to add requests and vote.

FI-00049 Shortcuts: Use different shortcut profiles based on which area of the software you are working in

FI-00064 Timeline: Display the Information window of a clip when Alt-click is used on a Timeline tab

FI-00253 Media Export: Migrate Presets from previous versions

FI-00277 Timeline: Ability to reorder sequence tabs.

FI-00468 Clamp: Add more options such as customizable range for the min and max clamp.

FI-00571 Workflow: Ability to add items to the Presets dropdown from within the application.

FI-00856 Colour Warper: Add Proportional button to Blur X & Y

FI-00903 Conform: Set a default set of Match Criteria for all projects.

FI-00934 Preferences: Ability to save and load user preferences on network/cloud

FI-01067 Tools: Apply back the Grain removed with Denoise.

FI-01239 Media Panel: Use the Sequence Reel icon inside the Libraries

FI-01249 Media Panel: Allow a clip to be opened as a sequence from the MediaHub tab

FI-01282 UI: Ability to move the dialog/windows outside of the screen

FI-01556 Preferences: Make the Broadcast Toolbar status user-based instead of project-based.

FI-01927 Configuration: Centralize all settings and variables so they can be applied at a facility level.

—> Not all has been done, but progress has been made.

FI-02121 User: Remove the need to create a new user profile for every version.

FI-02498 User: Migrate custom Presets from the Presets drop down when creating a new user.

FI-02536 Configuration: Easily shared presets/settings across multiple workstations.

FI-02554 Timeline: Add Selected Sequences to the Scope options of Duplicate Connected Segment

FI-02608 UVWarp should inherit the colour space from the Front input, not UV

—> The UVWarp32 Matchbox shader has been replaced by the STMap node.

FI-02742 Timeline: Ability to hide the Source Timeline

FI-02897 Tools: Update Lens Distortion

FI-02927 Media Export: Ability to add User-based Export Presets

FI-03084 Keyboard Shortcuts: Allow revert on a single shortcut.

FI-03086 Conform: Shot name should be kept after re-conforming

FI-03089 Timeline: Select the Source tab when a source is double-clicked in the Media Panel

FI-03172 Backburner: Ability to sort tasks in the Backburner Monitor application

FI-03178 Image: Animate the selection icon for the Human body selective

FI-03177 Timeline: Have a keyboard shortcut to go to the bottommost track

FI-03178 Keyer: Ability to invert the matte output

FI-03208 Installation: Enable the Full Disk Access setting on macOS

—> A Warning dialog is now shown when the Full Disk Access is not enabled for the application and its services.


Thanks! Going to click thru and read up on each one!

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I think this post is usually what I like most about each new Flame release. Seeing all the implementation of specific requests from the user base.


and its the post that i know will always fail to show the most basic improvement to the timeline editor FI-01196. The option to have playback always play the top most track without having to manually select it first…like every other edit system ever created.


I feel proud that some of my requests made it to release.


and yes, I just realised another one of mine has been implemented.

Thanks Fred and the Dev Team


That would drive me crazy. Let’s hope that when they do it, it’s a preference.

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They have implemented my biggest issue (I try to only harp on one at a time) so now I have to come up with something new.

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Hd Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

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I want AI that will make a picture of Dick Van Dyke.

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pattern browsing. we need to overhaul pattern browsing BIG TIME.


agreed. It never was a good implementation.

what do you want to see?

i for my part just want to press version up and it should just auto create a pattern based on finding v### in the path then go up one number like nuke can, its soooo convenient.

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oh man, so many things. Nuke Studio is eating our lunch in this category im afraid. Prob the biggest issue is speed. after a few versions in your PB clip, just scrubbing across it in the timeline brings you to a standstill while i guess flame scans every single clip in the PB directory path again… so unbearably slow, esp with lots of versions and larger resolutions.

Another big request is control the granularity of the pattern. currently if ANYTHING changes about the pb clip, timecode, fps, it breaks it and you have to go back, identify the offending render and delete it from your server to get it to pick up again. if should have some options like matching and or linking to footage in the conform tab with varying degrees of strict or loose criteria. sometimes the nuke guys will render a half res comp to test something quickly and that breaks it. its just so fragile and we need control over that. you should be able to force flame to grab onto a clip even if the file name is the same the version # updates while at the base functionality. right now it’s so strict it makes it really difficult to use reliably.

yes - agreed it should also be able to select a layer in a timeline and say check for the latest version of all pb clips on this layer.

also need a way to promote a pb clip to a plain old single version of a clip, to turn off pb on clips in essence with a click. we often have to do this to prep for color.

navigating a big server with pb turned on in the media hub is very quickly an exercise in pain… starts scanning every single file imaginable every single place you go… should be able to activate it for a certain directory and not others. that way you aren’t constantly toggling it off and on… just incredibly inefficient…

pb is such an amazing feature… we really need to drag it out of the dark ages… Flame needs to be #1 in this category if they want state relevant in the coming one timeline to rule them all wars…


forgot to mention we should be able to quickly go back and forth betw versions of a pb clip ideally with a hot key…

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also forgot to mention there are times if the edit changes (lets be real the edit is ALWAYS changing) and the frame range changes on your renders flame gets confused and suddenly there are 50000 frames of no media at the head and tail of your pb clips… just so painful to fix manually… read about it here:

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I agree that this is very painful but is that related to (hypothesis) timecode :thinking: @TimC

I should go and read that post :crazy_face:

yea true, dealing with openclips only is so much more nimble and works a lot better and is faster.

the amount that NukeStudio has shat its bed with this is also not much better , ive been on hiero/ns for years and there are so many inherent bugs with their “patterbrowsing” fuction with almost the same list of stuff that goes wrong

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One thing I’d like, which I think is pretty important is a decent green / blue screen keyer, a’la keylight. IBK is ok, but not as good as keylight, IMO.

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Ironically, I will remember you to make sure your requests are submitted and your votes are added at flamefeedback.autodesk.com