Puppet rig with UI

Yes, I had too much time on the boring set today…

puppet.zip (163.9 KB)


We’ll have IK in Flame any minute now!


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Mom! Sinan is showing off again!!! Tell him to stop!!!

Dude, that is seriously cool. Awesome work!!


Hi @Sinan
This looks interesting
I downloaded the zip file and unzipped it.
However when I load the batch setup i don’t see any nodes.
Wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s a permission issue.

The master folder needs permission, could that be the reason it’s not loading anything?

Hi @Deepakpais,
I downloaded the .zip file from the link above and loaded into a clean project. It seems to work fine. I should mention it is saved from 2024.1, but there are no “new features” so you should be able to open it.
You can try to load the action directly, you should see it as action143 in the folder. The media is a circle for the head, a rounded rectangle for the limbs and the slider.


I tried so hard to do that previously. You actually need a solver, and expressions can’t do that.

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By the way, you can analyze audio and link frequency ranges to channels and make the guy dance to the rhythm. Just add your own music to the clip and play around with the frequency ranges. You might need to average the values to get a smoother feeling…

This song is a cringy joke in our family, my classical cellist daughter loves to dance to it, yet my wife hates it.


One of my favorites.